Expand Your Capacity to Grow Your Aerial Inspection Business 

With the Power of Aethon’s Technology

As an independent & professional aerial services company, you have the expertise, approvals and experience to deploy aerial imaging systems, AND we have the next generation optical and sensor technology, along with the analytics and regulatory reporting tools your potential clients need to manage the lifecycle of their infrastructure assets?


With your own brand-able, aerial inspection and 4D cloud-based analytical solution, Aethon supports the growth of your inspection services by helping you transform the images you acquire into geospatial intelligence.

Start Generating Revenue With Significantly Reduced Upfront Costs.

Operating under a new and progressive business model, Aethon’s Affiliate Program helps you grow as an independent company with the strength of a global network.

Program benefits include:

  • Access to latest industry technology

  • Expansion of your service offering

  • Additional revenue stream

  • Significantly reduced upfront costs 

  • (portion paid as a % of revenue)

  • Sales, marketing & referrals

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Ability to scale for larger network projects


Let Our Affiliate Program Work for You

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